Aminah asked whether one of the Hertogh children could stay with her. Mrs Hertogh agreed to let Maria stay with Che Aminah for three days. Mrs Hertogh was eventually arrested by the Japanese. After her release, Che Aminah and Maria were not to be found. Mrs Hertogh said that she did not give, nor did her husband authorise the giving of Maria to Che Aminah to be adopted by her.


Mrs Hertogh had suggested that as Aminah had no children and as she had too many, she would like her to have one of them. Mrs Hertogh told her that she did not know if her husband was alive or dead and, in any case, she would answer to him for having given the child away. At no time during the three years after Maria came to Aminah’s house had Mrs Hertogh asked her either to give Maria back or to cease treating her as her own child.

First published in 150 years of the Straits Times (July 15, 1845-1995)

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