31 years of sporting heroes

  Men Women
1967 Tan Tuan Heng (Swimming) Pat Chan (Swimming)
1968 C. Kunalan (Athletics) Pat Chan (Swimming)
1969 C. Kunalan (Athletics) Pat Chan (Swimming)
1970 Henry Tan (Bowling) Pat Chan (Swimming)
1971 P.C.Suppiah (Athletics) Pat Chan (Swimming)
1972 Yeo Kian Chai (Athletics) Tay Chin Joo (Swimming)
1973 Noor Azhar Hamid (Athletics) Elaine Sng (Swimming)
1974 Syed Abdul Kadir (Boxing) Chee Swee Lee (Athletics)
1975 Henry Tan (Bowling) Justina Tseng (Swimming)
1976 K. Krishnan (Boxing) K. Jayamani (Athletics)
1977 Chua Koon Siong (Weightlifting) Junie Sng (Swimming)
1978 Song Koon Poh (Rugby) Junie Sng (Swimming)
1979 Chua Koon Siong (Weightlifting) Junie Sng (Swimming)
1980 Chua Koon Siong (Weightlifting) K. Jayamani (Athletics)
1981 Lee Kum Cheok (Shooting) Mavis Ee (Swimming)
1982 Ang Peng Siong (Swimming) Adelene Wee (Bowling)
1983 Ang Peng Siong (Swimming) Delia Milne (Squash)
1984 Ang Peng Siong (Swimming) Lim Seok Hui (Squash)
1985 David Lim (Swimming) Adelene Wee (Bowling)
1986 Zainal Abidin (Squash) No winner
1987 David Lim (Swimming) Khatijah Surattee (Shooting)
1988 David Lim (Swimming) Adelene Wee (Bowling)
1989 Lee Wung Yew (Shooting) Grace Young (Bowling)
1990 Chng Seng Mok (Shooting) Mah Li Lian (Squash)
1991 Ben Tan (Yachting) Grace Young (Bowling)
1992 Azman Abdullah (Bodybuilding) Grace Young (Bowling)
1993 Azman Abdullah (Bodybuilding) Joscelin Yeo (Swimming)
1994 Ben Tan (Yachting) Tracey Tan (Yachting)
1995 Ben Tan (Yachting) Joscelin Yeo (Swimming)
1996 Sam Goh (Bowling) Jing Junhong (Table Tennis)
1997 Lee Wung Yew (Shooting) Jing Junhong (Table Tennis)

First published in The Straits Times, March 7, 1998


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