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Tanglin Bathing Beauties
(The Straits Times, Dec 1, 1930)
Life in the 1930s

Victims of the slump
(The Straits Times, Dec 1, 1930)
Jobless in Singapore

Hostilities break out in North China
(The Straits Times, July 8, 1937)
Sino-Jap war

Japs now 20 miles from Singapore
(The Straits Times, Jan 31, 1942)
The Japs are coming

City’s new defence line
(The Straits Times, Feb 14, 1942)
News just before the fall of Singapore

Strong Jap pressure
(The Sunday Times, Feb 15, 1942)
Report that appeared on the day Singapore fell to the Japs

Tapioca production in Malai greatly increased
(The Syonan Shimbun, March 2, Syowa 19)
Tapioca -- a war-time staple

Millionaires settle at Endau
(The Syonan Shimbun, Feb 29, Syowa 19)
A new farming village

Bahau, New Syonan settlers fast getting into their stride
(The Syonan Shimbun, Feb 28, Syowa 19)
Another farming village

Imperial rescript
(The Syonan Shimbun, Aug 20, 2605)
Jap report on its surrender

Nippon’s acceptance of Potsdam Declaration
(The Syonan Shimbun, Aug 21, 2606)

Living in distrust and constant fear
(The Straits Times, Dec 20, 1991)
Life under the Japs

Everyone suffered during war, regardless of race
(The Straits Times, Jan 17, 1992)
Years of brutality

Papa the hero
(The Straits Times, Feb 16, 1992)
The life of Lim Boh Seng

PoWs lived with poor medical care, constant beating, cholera deaths
(The Straits Times, Feb 28, 1992)
Life of a PoW

Retired teacher recalls day when guard said 'ichi' and PoWs started scratching
(The Straits Times, Feb 28, 1992)
Life of a PoW

War years quickened passage to adulthood
(The Straits Times, March 1, 1992)
Life under the Japs

The omens of war
(The Straits Times, March 1, 1992)
Life during the war

Harmless-looking 'vegetable seller' who was really a spy for the Allies
(The Straits Times, March 13, 1992)
Spying on the Japs

Is Winston Churchill to blame for the fall of Singapore?
(The Straits Times, March 16, 1997)
The debate

(The New Paper, Nov 29, 1997)
A taste of Jap Occupation

Lessons in torture
(The New Paper, Dec 16, 1997)
A taste of Jap Occupation

Singapore's slaughter beach
(The New Paper, Feb 10, 1998)
The Japs' killing fields in Singapore

The fall of Singapore: One man remembers
(The New Paper, Feb 15, 1998)
Life during the war

Timely to recall role of 1st Battalion in 1942 battle for Singapore
(The Straits Times, Feb 19, 1998)
Battle locations in Singapore

Plan to make telemovie on hero of Opium Hill battle against Japanese
(The Straits Times, Feb 19, 1998)
Lt Adnan Saidi and his Malay contingent fought the Japs for 48 hours

Japanese settlers were here before the war
(The Straits Times, Feb 25, 1998)
Pre-war Jap community in Singapore

Where are you, father?
(The Straits Times, Feb 25, 1998)
A Singaporean woman's search for her Japanese father

I felt bombs land with a thud
(The Straits Times, March 4, 1998)
Life during the Japanese Occupation


Singapore’s James Bond
Meet a member of Force 136

Simple beginnings
He was a rising journalist when the war came

200 days in hell
Singapore's war heroine Elizabeth Choy was imprisoned and tortured by the Japanese

They were going to slaughter everybody
Working for the Japanese at Sentosa

Last days of the Japanese Occupation
The end of the Japanese Occupation


Banana notes

Food shortage


Jigsaw puzzle game

Send a retro card

Hunt for Yamashita's gold

A taste of pre-war Singapore

Eye spy


Banana money

Food rationing

Skyhigh prices

The chop of life

From The Straits Times to The Shonan Times

Hungry years

The Japs' route

Plane-spotting nine metres underground
The Battle Box

Black weddings


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